Awarded Doctor Honoric Causa for Anwar Ibrahim, Minangkabau Visited by Many Great People
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Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim's struggle in the Malaysian political world is not an easy thing. Negeri Sembilan which was dominated by the Minang’s people witnessed the persistence and the struggle of him in fighting for justice so that the support was given entirely to him to become a member of the Malaysian parliament. This fact shows Anwar was able to hold the trust of Minang community in Negeri Sembilan. One of these reasons besides of in order to appreciate his character in guarding the enforcement of democracy in Malaysia in order to educate Malaysians with moral values is been the background of the 4th award of Dr Honoric Causa to Anwar Ibrahim as the member of the Malaysian Parliament in the field of educational politics.

Awarded Doctor Honoric Causa for Anwar Ibrahim, Minang Kabau Visited by Many Great People

Previously, Universitas Negeri Padang had given the title of Dr. Honoric Causa on Megawati Soekarno Putri, the fifth former President of Indonesia so that for this reason Megawati was also participated in giving testimonies at this event. "He is a strong person who has experienced various things", Megawati said in her testimony. Furthermore, Megawati added that Soekarno's advice to not to hold grudges when entering politics. Political decisions must be closed to the people because the people are the horizon.

Megawati was accompanied by a number of party leaders, including Deputy of General Secretary of PDIP, Eriko Sotarduga, the Chairman of the DPP of PDIP, Djarot Saiful Hidayat and Nusyirwan Soedjono, and the Treasurer of PDIP’s Faction who was also the Chairperson branch of PDIP on West Sumatra, Alex Indra Lukman.

In addition to Megawati, the Head of the People's Consultative Assembly of Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI), the Head of Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI), the Head and Vice-Head of Indonesia House of Representatives, Governor of West Sumatra, and the Directorate General of Research, Technology, and Higher Education where on this case represented by Ali Ghufron also shared their testimony on the event.

Awarded Doctor Honoric Causa for Anwar Ibrahim, Minang Kabau Visited by Many Great People

Fahmi Idris as the promotor said that Dato was a persistent figure since he was a student. Political education is currently not very mature, because many violations are still carried out by various parties. "Maybe we have a too much theory but little of practice, therefore Anwar Ibrahim's figure can be the right answer and good example to face this problem," he said on reading the promoter's consideration. (Public Relations of UNP/Translated by Shilva Lioni)