Maximizing the Bureaucratic Reform: UNP Continues WBK and WBBM
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Padang- The changes of behaviour and work culture of academic services for students, the state apparatus in public service violations in Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) should be improved. The principle of the good governance can be achieved with the maximum improvement of the academic services.

Universitas Negeri Padang formed a Bureaucratic Reform Team (RB) to implement the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education at the UNP environment. UNP will more emphasized in the Integrity Zone Towards WBK/WBBM (Corruption Free Area/ Clean and Serve Bureaucracy Area).

"Since 2017, UNP committed to support RB program, including preparation of the 2017 reforms Roadmap Book for 2018 which has been carried out an initial evaluation and received positive values of UNP as the Institution as the best Public Information Openness at the level West Sumatra in 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, UNP as the best Five universities in public information disclosure, said Prof. Ganefri when giving a briefing at the UNB RB Team evaluation meeting on Friday (12/7). In front of the RB Teamed, Prof. Ganefri hoped that the team can work optimally to improve and update the achievements of the RB last year and need to maximize the readiness of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). In 2019, the bureautic reform program needs to re-evaluate and supported by the internal and eksternal survey about public services. 

The Head of Internal and External Surveys should evaluate again and support the UNP RB programs. The Surveys about public services this year, from the campus community and the community outside the campus. Meanwhile, Prof. Zaim, Dean of the Language and Arts Faculty (FBS), will evaluate eight fields which consisting of 6 fields as the process and 2 fields, including output and the team will work intensively until early August this year. (Public Relations of UNP)