The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Conveys Indicative Ceiling of Fiscal Year 2020
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The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education conveys the indicative ceiling for budgeting in 2020 to DPRI RI Commission in the amount of 39.7 trillion. The budget allocation consists of an educational function of 39 trillion and the function of research technology (ristek) in the amount of 715,04 million rupiah. In the previous year (2019) the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education's own ceiling amounted to 40.21 trillion.

The indicative ceiling of 2020 conveys by the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir, in working meetings with commission of VII DPR RI about the institution budget work plan (RKA K/L) RAPBN 2020 at the DPR Building Nusantara I, 19/6. The priority program of Kemenristekdikti 2020 (ristek Function) consists of the Development of Science and Technology Parks, Development of Science and Technology Excellence Centre’s, Science and Technology HR Scholarships, Technology for Society, Industrial Technology Development, Development of PPBT (Technology-Based Beginning Companies), and Industrial Innovation Development.

Menristekdikti said that besides the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the research budget is also spread across several ministries/institutions. For this reason, he also continues to coordinate and synergies so those innovations are produced in accordance with what we need.

"We already have a Priority Research Master Plan in Indonesia, namely the National Research Master Plan (RIRN). In 2025, I hope that Indonesia’s Iptek and innovation will accelerate like developed countries, South Korea. RIRN covers priority areas of Research and Technology, namely Agricultural, Food, Health, Medicine, Engineering (including Information and Communication Technology), Transportation, Advanced Materials, Defense Technology, EBT (Renewable Energy), Maritime, Disaster, and Social Humanities, " said Menristekdikti. Besides RIRN, the government and the House of Representatives (DPR) also currently drafting the National System for Science and Technology (National Science and Technology) which will also clearly regulate the implementation of Science and Technology and Innovation in Indonesia. RIRN and law of National Science and Technology, the Minister of Research and Technology hopes that all R & D institutions in the ministries, Non-Ministry Government Institutions (LPNK) and Universities will be coordinated to become more synergistic.

The Minister Nasir, also said that the development of technology research and innovation always develop better in the future, especially Indonesia and other countries in the world must prepare a strategy to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets. The development of research and technology and innovation in Indonesia must be sought to advance SMEs and industry in Indonesia. As a result of the efforts of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to intensify innovation, in the last Five years, from 2015 to 2019 jumped to 1307 (total start-up and potential start-ups) funded by the Kemenristekdikti in period 2015-2018.

In the sector of energy, the homeland research world has also produced the proud results such as the Red and White Catalyst resulting from the collaboration of Institut Teknologi Bandung and PT. Pertamina.

"Innovation of renewal of energy has produced the Red and White Catalysts (in collaboration with ITB and Pertamina Dumai) and practiced at Pertamina Dumai. The Innovations like this will reduce the 'cost' later,"said Nasir

On that occasion, LPNK in the coordination of Kemenristekdikti also will convey the indicative ceiling in 2020, namely BAPETEN in the amount of 126.62 billion rupiah, BATAN 710,67 billion rupiah, BIG 811.5 billion rupiah, BPPT 1.8 trillion rupiah, LAPAN 616 billion rupiah, and LIPI 1.6 trillion rupiah. (Karina Ayu and Ayu Pravita, Bureau of Cooperation and Public Communication Kemristekdikti). (Public Relations of UNP)

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