The Facilities and Infrastructure of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Became the Attention of The Rector of UNP
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The Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Prof. Ganefri gives support to the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FPP) which will be participating for the advancement of tourism in Indonesia and West Sumatra.

On Thursday (January, 2019) Prof. Ganefri said to support the implementation of the education process, FPP UNP will be equipped with some facilities and infrastructure for lectures, practicums, and research. Meanwhile, the faculty of FPP must be creative in developing the lecture building and research facilities that will be concern of the Rector of UNP.

The visits of the Rector UNP took place from morning until afternoon, which was attended by the Vice-Rector UNP. In addition, Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Ernawati, Ph.D., said that it is necessary to give more attention for facilities and infrastructure.

“However, The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FPP) must be prepared to work in Indonesian and foreign industries.” Concluded Ernawati. Nevertheless, for the better progress, Ernawati said that FPP is still keeping improving the quality.

Meanwhile, Ernawati said for the better progress, she will continue to improve the quality of education for the student of FPP. Furthermore, Ernawati want to complete the equipment of practical, adding competence activities, increasing better cooperation with the tourism and hospitality industry and the agencies with FPP UNP. (Public Relations of UNP)