Welcoming ICMI SILAKNAS 2019, ICMI MPW West Sumatra Arranging Committee
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Padang- West Sumatra ICMI's Regional Organization Management Board (MPW ) holds a meeting agenda to gather committee members to prepare the committee of the National Work Gathering in December 2019 at Senate Meeting Room, Rectorate of UNP, Friday (7/26) . 

"In order to welcome the Silaknas and Anniversary of ICMI MPW, West Sumatra ICMI must prepare everything ," said Secretary of West Sumatra MPW ICMI, Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D. 

"The ICMI appoint West Sumatra as the host of Silaknas is a great honor that must be answered through a safe, smooth and successful implementation, for that requires readiness, participation and contributions from all related parties, especially the activity committee. UNP becomes the host of this event,"said Ganefri.

" ICMI has chosen West Sumatra as a host of silence as a great honor for west Sumatra." Furthermore UNP and other West Sumatra universities will prepare everything to support this event " , said Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D . Head of ICMI MPW of West Sumatra, Prof. Dr. Musliar Kasim appreciates West Sumatra government, which always support with moral and material for this event. He also hoped that the ICMI Silaknas can show the uniqueness and superiority of Minangkabau intellectuals.

“If we saw the history, this nation fulfilled by intellectuals from West Sumatra. Furthermore, we can show the superiority of Minangkabau from the expo or video playback,” said Musliar Kasim. The ICMI meeting was attended by Hj. Emma Yohana member of Regional Representative Council and treasure of MPW ICMI Off West Sumatra. She said that, In West Sumatra, Silaknas as one of the largest forums and all stakeholders must give synergistically for this great event. Especially for this event, we can make West Sumatra became famous for the national area.

All the members of the MPW ICMI of West Sumatra attended the preparation of Silaknas ICMI 2017-2022. The Silaknas ICMI 2019 will be held in mid-December 2019 in Padang and President of Indonesia, Ir. Joko Widodo will also attend this event, 2000 participants of MPW ICMI and three delegates from 34 provinces whole Indonesia. (Public Relations of UNP)