Regent of South Coast (Pessel), Hendrajoni Collaborates with the Lecturers of UNP in Improving the Teachers’ Capacity
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Padang— The Regent of South Pesisir, Hendrajoni attended the guidance, development of the National Science Olympiad (OSN) on Friday (June 28, 2019). The Bimtek of Pessel’s collaboration with Universitas Negeri Padang aimed to improve the educational and teaching achievements.

On this Occasion, Hendrajoni said that the regency government of Pessel will strive and work hard to improve educational achievement with Universitas Negeri Padang as a public university (PTN) which competent in education and teaching. Meanwhile, Head of the Pessel Education and Culture Office, Zulkifli, said thank you to UNP for conducting teacher training activities for four weeks from June 27 until July 21, 2019, from Friday to Sunday every week.

"For the acceleration of educational achievement in Pesisir Selatan District, UNP National Science Olympiad Lecturer Teaching Team has carried out teacher development Bimtek activities. The training program for prospective junior high school OSN fostering in Bayang Giszella Hotel, Pasar Baru Hotel Meeting Room," said Kadisdikbud Pessel, Zulkifli on Tuesday (9/7).

Dr. Erianjoni, one of the West Sumatra Province OSN Development Team explained, through the Bimtek the Mathematics, Natural Sciences, English and Social Sciences teachers received intensive training. In coaching activities and community service, UNP trusted the West Sumatra Provincial OSN Development Team from UNP including Dra Yetti Zainil, Ph.D. (English), Dr. Erianjoni, M. Si Social (fostering social science) , Dra. Arnelis, M.Sc (Mathematics), and Natural Sciences revealed by two lecturers Dr. Rahadian Z, M.Sc and Rio Ansyari, M.Sc.

Furthermore, the Head of the UNP Bimtek team, Dra. Arnelis, M.Sc, revealed that the UNP Team will collaborate with the Pessel Regional Government starting in 2019 through fostering students for OSN, teacher training for the National Teacher Olympics (OGN) and also the selection of outstanding teachers. "Hopefully Pessel can orbit students and teachers to the national level," said Arnelis, from FMIPA. (Public Relations of UNP)