More Than One Hundred Delegates Attanded Bimtek at UNP

More Than One Hundred Delegates Attanded Bimtek at UNP
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Padang – The graduate of the college must have to change the paradigm and orientation to the preparation in entering the world of work. In preparation the graduate, technical assistance for PT recipients of assistance in the development of advanced career centers (Tracer Study). Dirjen Belmawa through the sub-director of work needs alignment (PKK) collaboration with PKK technical Implementation Unit (UPT) UNP conduct simulation of Tracer Study Online in activities of Bimtek PT beneficiary Tracer Study by inviting representatives from all the beneficiary of state/private universities on Friday (May 10, 2019) at senate meeting room fourth floor, Universitas Negeri Padang.

The Bimtek was attended by hundreds of participants from PTN/PTS beneficiary of Tracer Study, Bimtek officially opened by the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D and presents the head of the sub-director of the PKK, Tiomega Gultom and Muhammad Arifin from PKPKL teams. Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri who facilitated the implementation of the PT LLDIKTI coordination region I, II, X and XIII, who included the provinces of North Sumatra, South Sumatra, West Sumatra and Aceh, said the percentage of unemployed in Indonesia from year to year tends to decrease.

On that occasion, Prof. Ganefri also explained that the alignment of the world of education and work must be able to train graduates become independent entrepreneurs who open employment opportunities for themselves and others. "The Entrepreneurship Training was held by UPT PKK UNP as a step to build student independence," said Prof. Ganefri accompanied by Vice Rector 3, Prof. Ardipal and Dr. Marwan from UPT PKK UNP. Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri said that the tracer study had several important objectives in its implementation such as to obtain important information in the form of alumni feedback as improvement, system development and management of tertiary education, both facilities, teaching, and learning patterns, processes, and services. As an evaluation material to find out the relevance of higher education with work (skills, soft skills, internal/external factors, competence, contributions, etc.)

Meanwhile, Head of Sub-Directorate of PKK Ditbelmawa, Tiomega Gultom explained that the benefits of tracer study not only limited to tertiary institutions, but also it can provide important information about the relationship between the world of higher education, business and industry. "Tracer studies can provide in-depth and detailed information about the suitability of work both horizontally (between various fields of science) and vertically (between various levels/strata of education). Therefore, the Tracer Study can help overcome the gap in employment opportunities and improvement efforts,”, said Tiomega Gultom. He also said that information about competencies relevant to business, and industry can help to improve the curriculum and learning systems. On the other hand, businesses and industries in universities through Tracer Study, and can prepare themselves by providing more relevant training for new job seekers. (Public Relations of UNP)