DPP Granat and UNP Holds the Counseling of Drug Abuse
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Padang – The Chairman of the National Anti-Narcotics Movement (Granat) H. KRH. Henry Yosodiningrat, SH., MH arrived at Universitas Negeri Padang on Saturday (March 2, 2019). The presence of Henry Yosodiningrat is to conduct the Counseling of drug abuse, and dark circles of narcotics. The counseling of drag abuse attended by 200 students of UNP. The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri officially opened the counseling of drug abuse in hospitality Universitas Negeri Padang.

In addition, Henry Yosodiningrat, said that the activity of counseling drags abuse aimed to protect the younger generation and need to have serious attention. Henry Yoso (Bang Yos) also said that he persuades all the students of UNP to participate with the government and the law in the fight against. Meanwhile, the role of students must be able to protect themselves and environment from drug abuse. The eradicating drugs are not only the duty of law enforcement, but also all elements of society.

“Dear all students we can also take part in the fight against of the drug by giving the information to the police to know the illegal circulation of drugs,” said Bang Yos.

The other speakers, Tony said that the students are required to protect the family and society from the dangers of drugs and illicit drug trafficking. Tiger Sianipar invited the students to fight the drug because the drugs can attempt to destroy Indonesia’s future.

" Drug and alcohol abuse as the enemies for future generations and through the counselling we hope the students of UNP become the better understand and stay away from drugs”, said Henry Yosodiningrat. (Public Relations of UNP)