The Department of Mechanical Engineering (D3) UNP Strives to Improve Accreditation

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (D3) UNP Strives to Improve Accreditation
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Padang—The Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang, Prof. Ganefri demands to encourage the the quality of the management, facilities, curriculum, human resource of lectures, scientific publications, collaboration and achievement of student of D3 mechanical engineering more competitive.

In addition, Prof. Ganefri when opening the accreditation vocational higher education (D3) of Program Study faculty of engineering by an assessor of the Board of National Accreditation for Higher Education (BAN-PT) which is an independent institution tasked with carrying out accreditation of all study programs and institution on campus, Wednesday (March 13, 2019). Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri said the accreditation for the campus is a form of recognition of the quality of management, facilities, curriculum, human resources of lecture, scientific publications, collaboration, and student achievement. In fact, the various employment institutions in the process require the employment has to come from the campus with accreditation "A" and "B". The accreditation of campus has become a reference for a quality campus.

“It’s time to make the accreditation D3 of faculty of mechanical engineering from b”B” accreditation become “A” accreditation, because the working world fast changes need the employment has ready for work,” said prof. Ganefri.

The Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Fahmi Rizal and the assessor Dr. Eng Widia Wijayanti, and Firdaus, ST., MT. was attended in the faculty of engineering. Dr. Fahmi Rizal hopes that the accreditation process of D3 program study of mechanical engineering which would be carried out by the BAN-PT team assessor could access the form, self-evaluation programs, checks all documents, conducts direct interviews with lectures, students, stakeholders and graduates of Universitas Negeri Padang.

“The process of accreditation program study has passed through several stages, including the formation of a task force team, form of preparation, self-evaluation to BAN-PT Jakarta, and direct visits by the assessors BAN-PT”, said Fahmi Rizal accompanied by the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UNP, Dr. Ir. Arwizet, ST.MT, the Head of Program Study D3 Mechanical Engineering, Hendri Nurdin. ST.MT. Furthermore, Dr. Ir. Arwizet explained that forms and self-evaluation that have been sent to BAN-PT. The team assessors also conducted interviews with the lectures, graduate, stakeholders, alumni and students. The Dean of Faculty of Engineering Fahmi Rizal will maintain the accreditation "B" and if possible, towards "A" accreditation. (Public Relation of UNP)