The Vice-Rector I, Prof. Dr. Yunia Wardi, M.Si Leads National Heroes' Day Ceremony of UNP
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The commemoration ceremony of 73rd Heroes' Day on November 10, 2018 at Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) was held at the Football Field of the Faculty of Sport Sciences (FIK), Monday (November 12).

The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, was represented by the Vice-Rector I, Prof. Yunia Wardi acts as the ceremony inspector. Before reading the message of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the ceremony began with the raising of the National’s flag by Paskibraka and singing of Indonesian national anthem by student choir of UNP.

The ceremony inspector and the ceremony participants also gave their respects to the heroes' soul as accordance as a moment of silence in order memorizing of the services of the hero. Furthermore, Yunia Wardi read the Pancasila’s text and the opening of the 1945 Constitution of Indonesia. On the ceremony, the read of the messages from the heroes also were presented by students.

The Vice-Rector I, Prof. Dr. Yunia Wardi, M.Si Leads National Heroes' Day Ceremony of UNP

In the message of the Minister of Social Affairs, Yunia Wardi revealed that the Commemoration of the Heroes' Day was not merely an event, but was full of meaning. It is not only limited to the procession, but a substance thing. Every commemoration of Heroes' Day must able to explore and bring a new spirit in the implementation of heroic values ​​in our everyday life.

Furthermore, Yunia Wardi revealed that every era has a hero in their respective work and right now, Indonesia needs a new hero. "Indonesia currently needs dedicated and accomplished figures in their own field to advance this country," Yunia Wardi said.

Moreover, Yunia Wardi added that Indonesia needed the figure of Indonesian youth as the next generation who had the spirit of patriotism, such as never gave up, discipline, mastered the knowledge and skills in their fields. Our country needs a young man who is strong with his true identity who is noble, loyal, confident, and sensitive to social problems so that in the future, we can able to be involved in social welfare development and in providing social services for those who need social assistance.

"In the end, through the momentum of the Commemoration of Heroes Day, I invite us to do the best for this nation. Let's contribute to the progress of the nation," he said.

The Vice-Rector I, Prof. Dr. Yunia Wardi, M.Si Leads National Heroes' Day Ceremony of UNP

Besides Yunia Wardi, this ceremony also was attended by other Vice-Rector namely Vice-Rector IV, Prof. Syahrial Bakhtiar, Vice-Rector III, Prof. Ardipal, Vice-Rector II, Syahril, Ph.D., the Deans and Vice-Deans within UNP, and the other officials and lecturers of UNP.

The ceremony was closed by a reading of prayer for the soul of the heroes by students. (Public Relations of UNP/Translated by: Shilva Lioni)