Rector of UPSI Malaysia: Introducing Key to Success in the 21st Century Challenge to Millennial
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Padang- at the beginning of semester July-December 2019, Universitas Negeri Padang holds a public lecture by presenting Rector of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris Malaysia, Prof. Dato'Dr Mohammad Shatar Sabran with the theme "Competencies Needed to Face the Challenges of 21st Century Globalization" at the UNP Auditorium on Monday (26/8/2019)

On this occasion , Prof. Dato ' Dr. Mohammad Shatar Sabran presents to give a public lecture in front of a thousand students with the theme The New Paradigm : 21st Century Challenges . In his presentation , Prof. Dato Shatar Sabran begins with some questions . The enthusiastic Dato Shatar Sabran makes the UNP students ask lots of questions .

Furthermore, Prof. Shatar Shabran explained that in the future, only 70% on the job learning, 20% learning through others and 10% formal learning.". According to him , there is the difference between the value of education in the 20th and 21st centuries the priority was 3M (employment , mindfulness , mind innovate, hi-tech machine, while the 21st century needed 3H (humanity , sympathy, humanity), hearth empathy (empathy) and high touch compassion (high caring) .

He also added that the key to success in life, you have a good academic qualification, 21st century competencies, technical skills, communication, and brand. Previously, In his opening speech, Prof. Ganefri , Ph.D , invited students to take advantage of free internet facilities for learning resources and avoid the negative things because the digital track record of students can be considered .

" Don't be a thwarted student because of digital and bad track records, and there is no longer an internet credit buying term for parents, " said Prof. Ganefri . (Public Relations of UNP)