Presenting General Suhardi Halius, UNP Increases Student Motivation
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Padang-- Universitas Negeri Padang represents commissioner general police, Head of National Counter Terrorism Agency, Drs. Suhardi Halius to motivate ten thousand new students 2019 of UNP. Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D explained that this public lecture as one of the efforts to improve the student enthusiasm to finish the study as soon as possible.

In coming years, we must push our students graduated on time, because we have given the internet facilitated to support the students learning,” said prof. Ganefri, Ph.D in his speech while openings the public lecturer in the UNP Auditorium on Thursday (22/8/2019). Meanwhile, Head of National Counter Terrorism Agency, Drs. Suhardi Halius gives a public lecture with a theme “National Resonance and Danger and Radicalism Prevention” by presenting his material with live-streaming not only in front of a thousand students in UNP Auditorium but also in three places live-streaming into the FT multipurpose room, FMIPA Auditorium and FE. Furthermore, after a public lecture, Suhardi Halius as visits three location public lectures at UNP. Suhardi Halius invites all the students to be honest, discipline and hard work. He explained that in this digital era the students must control the using of hand phone.

"Let's improve our gratitude for what we have and respect their parents," said Suhardi Alius after giving the public lecture represents by the Rector of UNP, Vice Rector and Dean by exchanging souvenirs with the Head of the BNPT. (Public Relations of UNP)