FE of UNP Plans to Build ERP Labor with the Online Learning System
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After visiting four faculties from Tuesday to Wednesday (January 8 to 9, 2019), the Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Prof. Ganefri, Ph. D., visited the Faculty of Economics (FE) of UNP. Ganefri found that online learning system has begun in FE which is known as e-learning where the learning is delivered on electronically with using computers (computer-based media). The Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri, along with the Vices-Rector, the Head of the Bureau, and the Head of the Institution within UNP carried out the working visit where held on the room of the Dean of FE, Dr. Idris.

FE of UNP Plans to Build ERP Labor with the Online Learning System

Located in the Courtroom of FE, the Rector and his entourage along with faculty leaders of FE and lecturers are listening to the report of the Dean of FE, Dr. Idris, so that the Rector and the group can get explanation about the current conditions of the FE of UNP. "In 2019, online learning or e-learning has been widely used by lecturers in the teaching and learning process in this faculty," Idris explained.

Idris said that the potential for online learning education applications has grown. Students not only can access knowledge from books, but also can access lecture material from outside of the campus.

Among the reports submitted by Idris is that in 2018, FE has faced many challenges and obstacles, but luckily still able to place the faculty to be the most demanded faculty among others.

"With the increasing of competition between educational institutions and the shifting paradigm of science, FE must be able to maintain itself as a Center of Excellence that is able to provide human resources in various capacities, starting as government decision makers, as professionals in the world of businesses, and as intellectual communities who participate in the development of the nation," Idris said.

He revealed that by continuing to focus on carrying out its strategy, FE will be continued to move towards the internationalization stage in 2019 which can be realized by planning the construction of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) laboratories as well as improving the quality of teaching, research, and management of institutions continuously. "Commitment from the entire academic community is the strength which needed to achieve the vision of FE to be a center of economic learning in Asia which can contribute to the development of Indonesia and the global community," he added.

FE of UNP Plans to Build ERP Labor with the Online Learning System

Furthermore, on that occasion the Rector of UNP, Prof. Ganefri invited all of academic community of FE to strengthen their commitment to create FE to be superior faculty in Southeast Asia. "Let's welcome the year 2019 by realizing a quality work program," he said. (Public Relations of UNP/Translated by: Shilva Lioni)